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Italian leather handbags designed by international top Model Marla. Marla has originated from Fiji, hence the name Marlafiji was born.

While Living in Europe as a top Model, Marla was one of the first Indian models to land a lucrative campaign for Revlon, as well as gracing the pages of publications such as Italian Vogue, Vogue Paris Marie Claire, Elle and Donna Magazine the list goes on.

During her career as an international model, she met and learned from some of the industries top fashion players, inspiring her to create her own luxury line of affordable leather handbags. The products have been manufactured by hand-crafted principals in Italy. Her influence are classic with a contemporary twist, keeping in mind with the latest fashion trends.

Working with some of the best in the industry, her love affair with handbags has been influenced by some of the greatest designers of our time past and present to create a fashion accessory which is both practical and beautiful. Marla says "I never leave home without my handbag".

The bags are named after women I know, some are family, some are friends, some are no longer with us all have had an influence on my life. All of which have special qualities about them.

"To Kamla who has always been my inspiration"

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