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12First of let me say from the outset I first laid eyes on Elle Macpherson as a university student back in Sydney, Australia at one of those opaque warehouse dance parties that were popular back in the mid late 80's and even then I knew there was something extraordinary about her. My hunch was only later validated when I returned home later that morning to see the girl that I had been ogling all night sashaying along Bondi Beach with a frost bitten can of diet Coca Cola on my tv set.
Since then Australia's very fashionable hero (but then again define hero?) and personality has gone on to mesmerizing heights. That said the woman colloquially known as the body and for good reason has come out in a rather revealing interview with the UK's Telegraph to talk about topics that for now were kept well under wraps.
Photo: Bryan Adams

Which could be what models of stature were waiting for, someone with Elle's status to set the standards (not the other way round thank you) of joining in for the lucrative ride. Since then supermodels the world over insist on heavy fees for endorsements, a percentage of royalties and even lending their name for perfume launches as supermodel Kate Moss has.

 And when a company proposed she put her name to a swimwear line, she riposted that lingerie interested her more (she learnt to love it while living in Paris, and reckoned it could sell all year, not just during the summer). Elle Macpherson Intimates has now been in business for 21 years, and she calls the head office Down Under every morning at 8.30am, en route from school run to gym, for a spot of rigorous micromanagement.

And who said models were stupid? Savvy and calculating would be more like it, but then again why shouldn't they be? Even one of this author's closest female friends, a former top model, Marla Singh has gone on to create her own leather handbag line, marlafiji in the Aussie market to great acclaim. But it was only a matter of time before top models started banking on their image.

What a beguiling idea that a model like so many other artists, entertainers can now finally take stock and license in not only what comes out in the press and the pages of various magazines but in their own namesake. It will be interesting to see how Ms Macpherson tailors her new lingerie line for the Chinese market, but one senses she is more than halfway there.

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